Our Story

   This is the story of two inventors and brothers, Peter and Paul Park, and the journey we took in the amazing discovery of quantum energy sparks from an ordinary candle. In actuality, this story began over two hundred years ago with the unheralded birth of a man named Michael Faraday.

       “Nothing is too wonderful to be true…” said Michael Faraday. And his life bore testament to this statement. Born from a poor family and with limited education, Michael Faraday rose from the bottom of society to the top of the scientific community in England through ingenuity, an insatiable curious nature, and unrelenting determination. With his discovery of the induction of electromagnetism, he is now considered one of the greatest scientists to have ever lived.

        It is this same Michael Faraday that gave his famous Christmas Lecture to children during the latter part of his career. His lecture was entitled The Chemical History of a Candle and in it he remarked, “There is no more open door by which you can enter into the study of natural philosophy than by considering the physical phenomena of a candle.” Had he been alive today, my brother and I would have attended this lecture and marveled at the truth of this statement. Certainly, it is a candle that can explain the mysteries of the universe. It has given human beings light since the dawn of civilization and is a technology that will never go obsolete far into the future. When electricity goes out, the candle will still faithfully shine in the darkness and give us light.


Picture: (Above) Faraday delivering a Christmas lecture in front of Albert, the prince consort of Queen Victoria in 1855.

       Such was the case in the spring of 2005. Peter and I had begun research together in San Francisco about the exciting possibility of using water as a source of fuel. In the tussle of our research, we had forgotten to pay the electric bill for our apartment and were forced to use candles to provide light. But what began as a nuisance would eventually create the necessary environment for the discovery of a lifetime. Nothing is coincidence.

        Having our first batch of water-based fuel, Peter was curious about what would happen if he burned some of the fuel using the candle’s flame. It so happened that as he did so, three droplets of the fuel dropped into the melt pool of the candle. What happened next astonished us. The flame began to grow in size and brightness. The water-based fuel had worked as a way of providing excess energy to the candle! As we sat, mesmerized by what had happened, we noticed another amazing but strange phenomena. A single blue energy spark crackled out of the candle’s flame. And then moments later, another blue energy spark jumped out of the candle. Now, the increase in energy of the flame we could understand, but this blue energy spark was an enigma altogether.

       What possibly could this spark be? What is its’ significance? And can we create a candle that can produce these blue energy sparks more rapidly and abundantly, like a sparkler? These questions raced through our mind as we tried to understand what we had just seen.  We came to a single conclusion that night; water could be the key to unlocking and harnessing greater energy. These blue energy sparks in fact, could be particles of quantum energy from water itself!


Photographs: Quantum Energy Sparks released by the candle.

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       Thus began an eight year journey of research and experimentation that took us all around the world including Manhattan, Tokyo and Los Angeles. The video footages and the photos of the blue energy sparks that you see now in this website are the fruits of our determination. What started out as a single spark and a great dream has become a sudden reality.

        The future of this new quantum energy, when researched to its full potential, is bursting with electrifying possibilities and life-changing implications for human society.  Even today, we feel as if we are dreaming every step closer we get to fully understanding the ramifications of our invention. But this was a sentiment also shared by Michael Faraday as well.

“ALL THIS IS A DREAM,” Michael Faraday wrote. “Still, examine it by a few experiments. Nothing is too wonderful to be true, if it be consistent with the laws of nature; and in such things as these, experiment is the best test of such consistency.”

All this is a dream but nothing is too wonderful to be true….

Quantum Candle illumiinating Hydrogen Sparks.