So here's how it works...

The process of generating hydrogen sparks from a candle is simple. Here's a simple step-by-step process to explain how a quantum candle is made.

1st Step: Make HydroBlaze fuel additive.

Hydroblaze is an organic, water-based fuel additive that is both safe and clean and can be used as an additive in any type of combustion system. Just add water!

2nd Step: Apply HydroBlaze to candle.


When the HydroBlaze is added to water, this solution can then be applied to a wick that makes the base of the candle. Finally this wick is dipped into wax and the candle is ready to be sparked.

3rd step: Light the candle!


The fuel additive allows for water to be used directly in the combustion system. The very fact that the major ingredient in HydroBlaze itself is water allows for an energy system that unlocks hydrogen energy as seen in the blue sparks.

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